I work as an interpreter (all usual forms: simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage and liaison interpreting) from and into Spanish, Dutch and English.
I have a lot of experience with lectures, debates and conferences in the fields of culture, politics, social issues, development, unions etc.

My attitude is very cooperative, because it is all about what the speaker has to say and not about me or my story.
I pride myself on not only translating literally every word, but on providing a cultural translation. Thanks to my knowledge and understanding of the cultures of the speakers and/or the audience I help them to really understand each other.

I also provide translations of texts and documents from Spanish into Dutch, from Dutch into Spanish and from English into Spanish. My specialties are the same issues as in interpreting. I have a lot of experience as a journalist, and I think my linguistic expertise as well as my narrative style has a positive effect on my work as a translator.

I am registered as a translator and interpreter in the Dutch Register of sworn translators and interpreters, and frequently work as a Court interpreter.

There is a different aspect to my translating work as well: I have translated Dutch poetry into Spanish, in collaboration with Jorge Heredia. In 2011 we were shortlisted for the Brockway Prize.


Please call me on (31) (0)6 – 53 653 183 or send me an e-mail at info@heleensittig.com

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